Umrah Backpacker Malaysia: Tips & Perkongsian Lengkap

Tips UMRAH BACKPACKER Malaysia a.k.a pengalaman umrah backpacker a.k.a UMRAH DIY oleh Nafiz Al

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In the name of Allah, most Gracious and most Merciful. I decided to write something that is very close to my heart. My Umrah backpacker Journey.

I’m writing this to share with u, but mostly I’m writing this umrah backpacker Malaysia for myself. So that I can put in words these feelings that I feel, so I can look back and be reminded of what I felt.

I’m trying to write umrah backpacker Malaysia as much as I can, because ultimately it is in our nature to forget.

I hope readers of this post would understand that by me sharing my experience I’m not writing this out of riya’ or to show off (may Allah distance such a disease from my heart) but to just truly share this life changing experience. Hope u or those around me will remind me if ever I forget.

A Journey Of Faith Umrah Backpacker Malaysia – Part 1

Alhamdulillah, all praises to Allah SWT who granted us the opportunity to perform our Umrah DIY terkini. It’s been 4 days since I left Mecca for my umrah backpackers. My heart, soul and mind are still there.

Before I went off, at the airport, I didn’t know what to expect (For sure excited tu ada). To be honest, I didn’t expect it was going to be a life changing experience. Little did I know. I’ve a sudden thirst for knowledge which can bring me closer to Him. May Allah, our Creator and Fortune Giver bestow us all with rightful knowledge.

umrah backacker

I still haven’t quite figured out where I’ve left my heart. Whether it’s at the Kaaba, or at the Raudha, or perhaps it’s somewhere in the dust of Madinah. I just don’t know, but I don’t really care, as long as it remains somewhere in the blessed sanctuaries. The yearning will take us all back there sometime soon inshaAllah ta’ala. In the meantime, I guess we just have to keep our experiences alive in our hearts.

I was advised that the best way to keep the spirit of umrah and experience alive in the heart was to share as many stories of the experience as possible. Therefore I wrote a short journal of my experience. I don’t have a blog. I thought i’d post it in my facebook & instagram. I pray we all are invited to the blessed lands soon and often! Ameen.

As I type these words, flashes of memories of my time in the most beautiful holy land. How I miss the most blessed place where I’d the chance to pray, to seek forgiveness and makes immense Dua.

People say that a pilgrimage is a personal invitation from Allah swt. Having said that, the invitation doesn’t come by card or mail etc. One has to yet make Dua and intention and strive to make it happen. Certainly, I do believe it is as a personal call as He is the only one who makes it happen when we least expect it and bring us joy and satisfaction. I thank Allah swt for letting me to have this trip with my family to salvation. What a wonderful mercy from Allah indeed.

Road to Madinah : From 30th Nov to 6th Dec


Allah blessed our journey to Madinah, it was a smooth one (or maybe i perceived so). In this trip, including my family, we were a group of 13 people. (Me and my small family; umi, nadiy & uncle yan + makcik Maziah and her big family; p.cik mokhtar, p.cik bob, azrol, p.cik mad, m.cik ton, m.cik ida, kak shima & kak arah). Sharing the food & our experiences, it was like we were one big family.

Our journey started from KLIA. It was a nice feel and also trembling inside when i was reminded about the purpose of the journey.

Our first stop was in Jeddah Airport. We had to wait there for more than two hours for our next flight to Madinah. When we arrived in Madinah, a bus was there to bring us to our hotel. I don’t want to go into detail and complain because that was the trip of pilgrimage. For sure we all have to bear some troubles and ordeals during any pilgrimage.

When arriving in Madinah Munnawwarah, u’ll fall in love right away. Madinah is a city lit up by Nabawi Mosque, a city full of light and people. We arrived in Madinah Munawwarah at night and could see the blessed minarets of Nabawi Mosque from a far.

Madinah strikes u immediately as a place like no other and as soon as u come closer to the blessed Mosque of Rasulullah. All you want is to enter this blessed sanctuary and say ‘salam’ to the blessed Prophet SAW.

An authentic hadith states that Rasulullah SAW said ‘Whoever visits me after I have passed, visits me as if it is during my lifetime’

We stayed in Madinah for 6 days.We were glad that our hotel (Andalus Hotel) was just opposite to the Nabawi Mosque (gate 22). Alhamdulillah it took only a few steps to reach the mosque. We rested that night and next morning we woke up for Fajr.

Rawda tul’Jannah

Talking about Nabawi mosque won’t complete without mentioning ArRaudah Shareef. This is an area in the heart of the mosque which extends from the Prophet Muhammad’s SAW tomb to his pulpit. Its like a little piece of heaven, u pray there and ask for anything, Inshaallah, your wishes are granted. People worship here in droves, barging each other, sharing the same space at Raudhah.

Don’t get angry if u get shoved, stepped on, or even accidentally kicked by other pilgrims. U just have to be patience and understand that. Raudhah is a very small spot and everyone wanted to be in it, pray, say their prayer and stay as long as they can in it.

Patience is a virtue and always remember, if u treat other people right, u’ll get treated fairly by Allah s.w.t.. Apart from that, do pray a lot to Allah to make it easy for u. Raudhah is always full, congested & never empty

In Raudhah, the male and female prayer area is separated. There are special timings for ladies to enter Raudhah. Below are info on Raudhah visiting hours for ladies:

  • After Fajr prayer until 11 am
  • After Zuhur prayer until before Asr
  • After Isya’ prayer until 12 midnight.

In Raudhah we’re divided by nationalities, or by language we spoke. Don’t get shocked when u encountered Arab’s guard speaking Indonesian to u. “Duduk Ibukkk.. Dudukkkk” is most common said line. In fact, almost everyone speaks Indonesian Malay in Mecca and Madinah.

Praying salah in Raudhah puts fear inside u as u realise that u’re standing in Paradise. The legs go numb and your mind is scrambled. I kissed this place in Paradise in awe of where I was standing. Here I prayed a dua which someone once told me to pray in this garden of Paradise if I was ever to visit. I prayed,

‘Ya Allah, You have promised that anyone who enters Paradise will be forbidden to enter the hellfire. Ya Allah, You are witness that I have entered Paradise so please make the hellfire forbidden upon me’

Ziara in Medina

During our visit in Madinah we were brought around to several historical places for ziarah. We visited & perform salah at Masjid Quba, the first mosque in the history of Islam, whose foundation stone was laid down by Prophet Muhammad SAW on his migration to Madinah. The Prophet SAW said: “He who purifies himself at his home and comes to Masjid Quba & offers two rakaats there in, will be rewarded the reward of an Umrah”

Than we visited mount Uhud, Qiblatain Mosque, and many other sites. (I forgot already)

On 6th December, we all set ready to travel to Mecca by bus. We started feeling sad already for leaving Madinah. But at the same time, we just couldn’t wait to see Ka’bah, the dream place to visit.

To be continued this umrah backpacker journey..

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PP/S : Sebenar nya umrah backpacker Malaysia lebih seronok, mudah, selesa dan lebih murah berbanding pakej umrah yang ada ditawarkan di Malaysia.