High Dividend Stock Malaysia (Best & Highest in 2023)

Best and High Dividend Stock Malaysia in 2023

best and high dividend stock malaysia 2023

A lot of people have already begun to consider the potential returns of investing in the Malaysian stock market.

Many stocks are now offering dividend returns to investors. This investment provides consistent and continuous returns.

The question now is which dividend stock in Malaysia can provide a high return and which one is the best.

Which 5 Company Gives Highest Dividend Stocks in Malaysia

Dividend contribution is mostly dependent on the retained profit of the company earns during the financial year.

It can only be distributed if it is sufficient for the long-term survival of the company.

Below are five (5) companies that pay the highest dividend stocks payout in Malaysia;

  1. Paramount Corporation Berhad
  2. Kerjaya Prospek Group Berhad
  3. Maybank
  4. UOA Development Berhad
  5. Bursa Malaysia Berhad

Best Dividend Stocks Malaysia 2023

The dividend yield means how much money is paid by the company to its shareholders every year.

Other than that, it shows the performance of the company for the entire year.

The best company with a higher dividend yield will attract more investors to invest in it.

IHH Healthcare is one of the corporations that shows the best dividend yield, which is 9.82% for the year 2023.

It shows better operations of the company in terms of managing debt and sales for the entire year.

Diagram shows a graph of the dividend yield for years 203 up to the present that reflects the performance of the corporation.